027: Let’s Make A Hero! (Abraham Lincoln)


(American History F-ed #4) The fourth installment in a series of shows about government school's history curriculum. We'll explore the lies, myths, omissions and distortions used to indoctrinate blind patriotism (aka nationalism aka mysticism).

Critical Thinking Question:
How compelling could a mythology be if it didn't have any gods?

Honestly, Abe...aggression doesn't solve problems.
The truth about the greatest American (government school) hero.

Gardner Goldsmith of Liberty Conspiracy Podcast joins me for this discussion.

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"The Last Goodbye" Jeff Buckley

Look Closer:
Liberty Conspiracy Website

The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War | Book Reviews

DiLorenzo Is Right About Lincoln by Walter E. Williams

It’s Time To End Hamilton’s Curse by Thomas J. DiLorenzo

"Lies My Teacher Told Me by James W. Loewen

Hamilton's Curse: How Jefferson's Arch Enemy Betrayed the American Revolution--and What It Means for Americans Today by Thomas J. DiLorenzo

Lincoln Unmasked by Thomas J. DiLorenzo

Emancipating Slaves, Enslaving Free Men, A History of the American Civil War, by Jeffrey Rogers Hummel

Jason Osborne's Movie "Chartarum" (Teaser)

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  1. Very educational podcast on the character of the USA education system and the USA Government, the podcast gave me a huge overview of the introspective of how the individuals like Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton played different roles in ideology.

    The whole ‘Sight Words’ teaching process was an eye opener for me, I never knew of this teaching method, yes, I think I was also exposed to it as a child in South Africa. I have always struggled with spelling and vocabulary in general, mostly because of the way we were taught to pronounce words, which acted more as a impediment to learning the language, I think this was mostly to the teachers forcing us to pronounce words with a South African accent as a priority over actually pronouncing the words as we pease based on our ability to use phonetics to spell the words properly.

    I always thought that Alexander Hamilton Economics was considered a better way of organizing large national or international projects like the NAWAP project. I really am not in a position to defend Hamilton here, nor do I care but I will say that it’s almost critical to the survival of our species to be able to control large resources in an evenly distributed manner to allow people to live where they may see best. Although that is not a right in itself it most of the cities from the East coast to the West coast only exist out of the necessity of trade stations, on the way people found certain inland locations to be more favourable over coastal but that was not the original intent. The interesting thing is that governments don’t have to be “big” to achieve the success in large national projects. So I think my question is how did Hamilton see the increase in government size through enforcing rule of law? This is were I feel Liberals will differ from others, being that they would place this responsibility on the individual.

    Either way from listening to this podcast I really can see that there was ever anyone that was great in the history of USA government, that makes sense if considered the purpose of government. I guess the question here is who can we look at as being great humans in the USA government?

    After listening to Gardner Goldsmith’s perspective on Abraham Lincoin, I feel more informed and grateful that I could hear about this before buying into the mainstream history propaganda. Let a man be judged on that what he does not on what is said.

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