021 Keys (Installment One): The Decentralization of Information & Communication


Above: If this picture isn't disturbing enough, read the article that goes with it.

Imagine a door to complete freedom, abounding opportunity and greater personal satisfaction... Public education is the lock. This is the first in a series of non-sequential shows about finding keys.

The END of Public Education?

END: It's over, irrelevant, useless, needs to be done away with. Considering the time we're living in, this is more true than ever...

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-What has changed in the last two decades?
-Taking technological advancement for granted
-Wikipedia in High Schools
-Alec Muller and Daniel Royer of Alekese.com join me to discuss the history of information control, the impact of technology on information & communication, and the future

Look Closer:
From Alekese.com

What is Alekese?
Alekese is a tool that helps groups of people with common interests share links to great free tutorials. Using our one-of-a-kind sorting system, you can quickly figure out which skills you need to learn and where to learn them. Because Alekese automatically keeps track of everything you've learned, it's easy to focus on learning the important stuff first.

Commitment to Decentralized Education
Distribution systems for knowledge are a powerfully tempting target for monopolies.
In ancient Athens, in the 8th-10th century Muslim world, and in the 18th century Western Enlightenment, education was decentralized. Many people were well-educated, and they made critical contributions to human culture.

Then, in each case, education became more institutionalized, more centrally regulated, and lower quality for the technology of its times. In essence, it became monopolized. The first two of these civilizations suffered severe decline—and one could argue that we’re living somewhere in the declining period of the third.

We here at Alekese believe that monopolistic control of education is the greatest-single threat to a free people. We are firmly committed to developing technologies that disrupt educational monopolies by providing people with compelling, viable alternatives.

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  1. An introspective of schooling in the public arena, what is it going to take to make the change in public schooling? Brett starts a process of introspective questioning on the immediate surroundings that exist in the day to day exchange between people. A discussion of Facebook takes place that brings to the forefront the reality of what is really going on and how to take back a moment of clarity in dialog with the world.

    Turning the tides of information to work for you, how Brett was able to identify the true potential of online communities and the information that can be tinkered to your own preferences, allowing you to build your own new subscription.

    So… the Alekese site is gone, to bad I was hoping to look into it, but it is an example of what happens if no support is given to a movement. The matter of fact is that this type of service is beyond to intelligence of the majority of the populous, simply the listeners of podcasts of School Sucks and the a like could have failed in supporting these services. As I listen to the interview with Alec Muller and Daniel Royer, I became more fascinated about their perspective on learning and how the community can collaborate to share knowledge. Daniels expression of the medical industries reliability on prescribing medication is a eye opener.

    When Brett mentioned the movie ‘Stand and Deliver’ I had to watch it, in the movie we discover the existence of ‘0’, I am fan of the mayan culture but other with differ. I never new that ‘Stand and Deliver’ was a true story of Jaime Escalante, it is a must have in the collection. I like to watch it over and over. A major point that Brett presents to me, is that the class competes in a national competition. The act of participating in competition is a key to showing ones worth. What I realized is that competing in national competitions are more important that gaining a degree.

    Currently as I view the news, the public is exposed to the “fake news” phenomena spreads with the #pizzagate exposure, an argument of internet information comes to question and here the listeners of the podcast hears, on the contrary how valuable the information from the internet has been to educate oneself in skills as Brett expresses. It is clear that a opposition is present in manipulating the public on truthful information. Simply the main stream media in acknowledging that they are losing the battle of the mass populous perspective, that the main stream media is in battle with the truth of facts. Yet it has become apparent the the “Post Truth” era as coined in the main stream media is nothing but an attack on the truth…

    The last topic of discussion is a perfect illustration of how the mass media was manipulated into false axioms through the interpretations of the bible in the press. This reminds me, and I have been brining this movie up with many of my friends, ‘Citizen Kane” and how those who rule the media rule the mass perception.

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