020: The Hidden Lessons of School (Conclusion)


The concluding episode in a series aimed at detailing and dismantling specific elements of the destructive hidden curriculum in public education.

Critical Thinking Question:
What if the only thing we really learn in school is...how to get through school? And what if, for too many of us, that is actually one of the most destructive things we can possibly learn?

A review of what I consider to be the three foundational lessons of public education. These are the most destructive to the individual. I go to John Taylor Gatto for reinforcements.

I also recount my recent visit to three New Hampshire public schools.

And some jibba-jabba about the show.

Bumper Music:
"Another Brick In the Wall" by Pink Floyd

Look Closer:
"The Six-Lesson Schoolteacher" by John Taylor Gatto

High School Counselors

"Dismantle Public Education" (STOPandLOOK Productions)

"Public School Blues" by Hannah Hoffman (Excerpt From Her Bio):
Beginning in ninth grade, Hannah got her first, unpleasant dose of public school, where she was sickened by the prison-like atmosphere. During her four years as an inmate, Hannah found solace in the band room and inspiration in the written works of a freedom-oriented philosopher, Lysander Spooner. His principled philosophy and her less-than-delightful experience with the flawed public school system shaped Hannah’s political and moral views, giving her a greater understanding of herself and the world around her.

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One comment

  1. In many ways this was a sad podcast that brings forward the immense weight of children being abused at school.

    I felt that Brett’s story of having thoughts about engaging with the school councilors, is something I can relate to very strongly, as a person whom becomes more conscious of the cause of problems and finds the taste of bitterness towards individuals whom are in their own comfort with propagating the abuse of children without questioning. It’s an experience I think many of us have gone through and tend to feel surrounded by emptiness.

    I think this was the second time the Brett introduced John Taylor Gatto, this essay is one of the best that I have ever heard about public schooling, I like to forward it to people. Once people see J Gatto credentials and then read this, it’s a mind blower, a ringing whistle that somethings not cooking well.

    In all I really enjoyed this podcast as an ending to the series, although not as entertaining as many of the others is set the right tone. As I’m able to listen to these podcasts years later and on a daily basis I find that it helps me get focused on what’s important and these podcasts tend to stay with me throughout the day, reminding me of the battle of minds we are currently facing.

    There was another thought I had about how schools originally started, this is a major point in my view that no real true thought and energy has been out towards the school system, simply the government spends as little as possible on education. Just this comparison alone of the priority of a just parent and that of a government should give indication to were the priorities lie in the school, yet our parents are to blame for being the ones that continue to allow their children to be mentally molested by these dumb apes.

    Here where I live in Vancouver, BC, I feel that there is a culture of parents treating their kids like pets, leaving them at the doggy day care centre to be looked after, parents use their kinds as a way to uplift their self value. Many of the parents I know, have never really planned to have their children but rather “wished” it as a Christmas gift, losing the true value of being a parent but rather being an person with an extra toy child. In many ways the parent is just as much to be blamed for child abuse as the public school system, but I don’t think the audience here are those types of parents.

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