017: The State’s Facade of Honor and Benevolence


Critical Thinking Question:
What's it hiding?
What jumps out from behind that facade to confront people who are not obedient and apathetic?
(It's not pretty)

Kat Kanning (newhampshirefreepress.com) joins me to discuss the opposites of indifference and apathy: activism and civil disobedience.

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Lauren Canario Jailed (article by Kat Kanning)

Lauren Canario Eminent Domain Arrest

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  1. From the moment Brett started to mention the pizza topping experiment my curiosity perked up, it’s a great analogy.

    So I get the idea that people are different and that we all have our own ideas and I think this comparison of the pizza topping is in many ways fair to some of the topics that the government are focused on.

    Not everything is like pizza toppings though. Choosing what to eat is different from choosing to eat. I would not find it challenging to find 1000 people who agree that they would like to eat three meals a day, shore some will want more, but I could safely say that three a day would do fine for them to.

    Here in Canada BC (were I’m from) it’s estimated that 8.5% of the population are going without food during certain parts of the day or month. There is still food but these people have to find other means than purchasing it. All these people want food, the question is as a society that is trying to be inclusive and utopic, is there a way that we can reach a solution for these people. I think this is where Brett makes a good point, we as a society are unable to find a way to feed these people, we have arguments as to who is responsible and who is not, I doubt this type of issue can really be resolved under the type of economic system being employed. Majority of the cases are solved though some sort of application process, if you don’t ask you wont get, but it’s available.

    There are two forces which push on the public, economics and policies. They are both behaviours tools for the population. Economics deals with the larger ideology people needs and rewards while policies deal more with specific tweaks on the failures of economics. When policies enforced though politics dwarfs the basic structure of simple economics you are sitting with a pizza topping without a pizza base. This is what utopia of societies leads us to, while everyone is focussing on toppings the base is starting to get smaller and smaller, until there is nothing left. A perfect economic system would deal with the smaller issues that policies manage automatically. At the same time if you showed me a perfect economic system then I would show you an economy without a system.

    I was surprised that Brett had Kat Kanning (very religious) on, it’s an interesting conversation, I did not know who she is but I can see the relevance of her being interviewed for several reasons, she is definitely not indifferent being very well known is the activist community and being a mom who broke the chains for school slavery for her daughter, you go Kat!

    The story of Rosa Parks was also very interesting.

    Also the link to the other related podcasts is very cool.

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