016: Working Against Apathy


Critical Thinking Question:
Simply put, what have my work experiences revealed about public education?

I record a podcast while driving a car. During the drive, I ponder a couple of important professional questions, veer off course (podcast-wise), channel Stewie Griffin, and discuss what I think the real job of an "educator" should be.

My Embedded Curriculum: (Within Mainstream Tutoring Services)
-Logical Reasoning
-Critical and Creative Problem Solving
-Revival of Childhood Curiosity
-Building Positive Relationships with Adults Who Are Potential Mentors
-A Healthy and Persistent Skepticism of Authority and Tradition (social, cultural & mystical)
-Intellectual Confidence
-Ethical Consistency

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"Head Over Heels" Tears For Fears
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Look Closer:
John Holt's Website

A Good Resource For Unschooling

"The Teenage Liberation Handbook: How to Quit School and Get a Real Life and Education" by Grace Llewellyn

Teenage Liberation/Grace Llewellyn Website

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  1. Please Note this Podcast is only 33min long, not 62.42 min

    As I’m writing this at the end of 2016, I’m thinking how to go through all the podcasts. It seems that the best way would be to listen to a podcast a day, seems fair. Because I realized that I missed a very important aspect of Brett, the question being, what was it that made him interested in teaching to start with? I will go back and find this out.

    While listening I got the picture of Brett giving us his journal of experience on a person level, as I listen to Brett’s voice I can hear how happy and engage he becomes in telling us his experience.

    The concept of being a self teacher is raised, this is a great point that Brett goes into, this is the skill that we all need to learn to perfect. Connecting the last characteristic of indifference and self teacher is revolutionary in the school system, these are major pillars of the education system which are missing.

    I really enjoyed the story of gun control and how Brett was dealing with a parent.

    This podcast was definitely more of Brett’s more personal ones, I really want to appeal to those listening that we all have something to say and we all have opinions, but there are very few who want to listen. Wouldn’t it be great if children learned to document there thoughts from feelings of things are they learned about the would and then were able to go back to when they were older and reflect of how their thoughts changed. I thing a questionnaire that could be provided by the parents for the children that would alter slightly year by year till they were teenagers would help them understand themselves better.

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