015: (Hidden Lesson Three) The Installation of Indifference


The third episode in a series aimed at detailing and dismantling specific elements of the destructive hidden curriculum in public education.

Critical Thinking Question:

What happened to... "why?"

The third embedded lesson of public education: Apathy and Indifference

If the training in obedience and conformity doesn't properly sink in, or doesn't last throughout a person's life, this lesson provides a nice safety net for the status quo.

“There is no neutral education. Education is either for domestication or for freedom.” -Joao Coutinho

Bumper Music:
"Got A Right To Be Wrong" Joss Stone

Look Closer:
CNN: How Stupid Are Americans?

Freedomain: The Money That Is Sold Abroad Is You!

George Carlin - Education

"The Teenage Liberation Handbook: How to Quit School and Get a Real Life and Education" by Grace Llewellyn

Teenage Liberation/Grace Llewellyn Website

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  1. Indifference is the first important characteristic to identify in reviewing motivation towards making a change, this was a really important podcast for me, I re-listened to this podcast 3 times.

    The viewpoint of Rick Shenkman definitely gets my attention, it’s a good example of how easy it is to get into a viewpoint that the entire population is at a loss and become emotional, hopeful in that we can see the issue and know what needs to change, depressed because the task seems so big. On a personal level, I would like to include Rick Shenkman books in a program for parents in home schooling.

    While listening to Brett, I keep remembering that the philosophical questions Brett brings up comes from the larger question as what is the purpose of life. What is the purpose of your life? School is based on the idea that it’s all about money, it’s all about economics, that you as a graduate will now be part of the larger machine. School is a perfect machine to create factory workers, employees and drones.

    I think this is one of my favourite podcasts from Brett because it’s really the start for me.

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