009 (Supplemental): Brett On Freedomain Radio


My interview on Freedomain Radio from September 27th, 2009. I've added a quick introduction about the discussion and about my thoughts on Freedomain Radio.


Freedomain Radio Interview: Brett Veinotte (You Tube)

School Sucks Beginner's Guide to Freedomain:
(For those who are unfamiliar, some suggestions...)

If Episode 7.2, with Daniel Lakemacher, raised some questions about war:
True News 10: Soldiers, War and Freedom...

(This is the first Freedomain video I saw. I watched it about 10 months ago for the first time, and I've watched/listened at least a dozen times since then. Extremely powerful.)

For the "disenfranchised conservative," who recently discovered libertarianism...here's an introduction to consistency:
True News 18: Obama's Inauguration - The Antidote

For those looking for a new way to approach debates/discussions with statists:
New Hampshire Liberty Forum - Keynote Speaker: Stefan Molyneux 1 (Against Me?)

New Hampshire Liberty Forum - Keynote Speaker: Stefan Molyneux 2 (Against Me?)

For those who see what's going on, but are still saying, "maybe there's some ethical, logical, noble, and effective way for strangers to do violence against me and my children that I haven't thought of yet..."
True News 5: The Truth About Voting

Some of my favorites:
True News 50: Ten Lost Years

True News 13: Statism is Dead - Part 3 - The Matrix

True News 46: Health Care Part 1

Follow Up:
'School Sucks' podcast gets tenfold listenership increase after FDR interview...

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