008: Conformity & Compliance vs. Conscience & Consistency


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A personal story about personal responsibility...and liberation from the illusion of virtue associated with obedience and self-sacrifice

Critical Thinking Question:
How could disobedience to authority save millions of lives?

Daniel Lakemacher (warisimmoral.com) joins me to discuss obedience. He also shares his personal story of how he freed himself (within the last year) from three types of crippling obedience training - public education, religion and military.

About Daniel's interview on Antiwar Radio: Daniel Lakemacher, founder of the website WarIsImmoral.com, discusses his conscientious objector (CO) discharge from the U.S. Navy, how the experience of working at Guantanamo and (independently) learning about the libertarian “non-aggression principle” changed his mind about war and justice, the process of becoming a CO and how the military defines morality in terms of obedience/disobedience.

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Daniel Lakemacher's Website

Daniel Lakemacher on Antiwar Radio

Daniel Lakemacher

History of Atlas Shrugged

The Perils of Obedience by Stanley Milgram

Milgram’s Experiment on Obedience to Authority

For an extended discussion on obedience (between Wes Bertrand, Dan Lakemacher and myself), check out Complete Liberty Podcast Episode 84

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  1. In this podcast the NAP is argued to operate over a limited distance. Also it is argued that one may only resist or retaliate against an initiation of force on behalf of another if they are present with you. These limitations are not by any word or syllable present in the non aggression axiom. Violators of the NAP issue a license for force to be morally applied against them by any person who wishes to do so. There is no “length” or “distance” restriction. There is no restriction to defending only yourself or you companion. There is no restriction that only the harmed may exert opposing force. I state resolutely: The initiation of force against those who have forced no one is immoral. Likewise, the initiation of force against those who have initiated force is moral. Any restriction implied beyond the prior two sentences are denials or adulteration’s.

  2. As you may have learned by now, wwii history is a myth. The only problem with this podcast is the fact that in discussing the Milgrom experiment we are assuming that Milgrom (a member of the tribe, a jew) – that we assume his reason for conducting the experiment was the treatment by the Germans of the jews. As you must know: no gas chambers existed – . Watch David Cole’s work on youtube (a jew whose life was threatened who had to go underground because of his stand as a result of his research) on Auschwitz. THere were NO 6 million or even any gassed jews – period. If you know the mechanics of disposing of bodies and the basics about cynanide – the obvious of the hoax is hyper apparent. I really don’t know WHERE to tell you to begin!

    As soon as you do the research and I have spent years….this, above, AND MUCH else – you will observe. If you can be imprisoned in Europe for privately questioning the history of WWII, then something is wrong and someone is threatened. Again, I don’t know where to begin, basically.

    That everyone has bought the holohoax is a testimony to our stupidity and their ability to manipulate – they are a paraside and have been thrown out of countries over and over again for the last 2,000 years because of THEIR behavior NOT because of inherent discrimination – they have a very useful victim mentality and are basically schizophrenic … but there are plenty of jews who KNOW the truth and speak of it. Just one other example, Gilad Atzmon, jazz musician and thinker and writer.

    Soros is responsible for destroying Europe via his money, because he is serving the people (jews and people being bribed by jews – merkel) following the KALERGI PLAN which was the inspiration for the EU. He is also responsible for attempting to stop DJTrump. The Kalergi Plan (again, the idea that was behind the creation of the EU) is for a mongrel dark race which the elites (jews – who would be the only light skinned people) would easily control and this is EXPLICITLY stated.

    Do the research anyone reading this. Anyway…………. the podcasts are appreciated. Just know the truth about white genocide and who is in back of it, and why. Also understand that prominent jews were in back of the creation of communist core. I am a teacher and know it up close and personal and am leaving it. Our hostile jewish elite does NOT itself go in for communist core – it was designed to destroy WHITES, and all others in the US – divide and conquer.

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