001: The “Business” Plan


NOTE: This is the second part of a re-recording of the original episode one. My apologies if it temporarily appears out of order in the podcast feed.

Critical Thinking Question:
Why would something that's so good for us, like public education...
need to be imposed on us with the use of force ?
And funded with the use of force ?

Maybe something else is going on.

The problem with the "business?" of public education. And it's a big one.
(An evaluation of the logic and ethics of the American public education system)

Bumper music:
"Stitching Leggings" by Kate Nash

Look Closer:
"The Non-Aggression Axiom of Libertarianism"
by Walter Block

"The Argument From Morality (Or, how we will win…)"
by Stefan Molyneux

"For A New Liberty" (Chapter 7: Education)
by Murray Rothbard

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