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[PODCAST] #510: Lessons From Summer That We Can Apply To the Fall (With Thaddeus Russell)

Professor Thaddeus Russell returns to discuss cause and effect, the jarring events of August, what's coming in September and what it all might mean for the future. Opening Sequence: Cause and effect in European identity politics Announcement: The Next Renegade University and School Sucks Project event is happening this November 10-12 in Los Angeles. We go over the seminar topics. For more information or to secure your spot, go to ThaddeusRussell.com/LosAngeles Discussion: - Extremism, left and right - The race war is the academic left's creation - Most Marxists wish to ignore race entirely - Does American popular culture still have a liberating quality? - Dave Smith, a rare voice in comedy - has the establishment co-opted the renegade? - ...

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[PODCAST] #492: Above the Snowflakes – Series Introduction

Today, many young people are looking for personal liberation in all the wrong places. Discussed: - Thaddeus vs. Jordan Peterson: common ground? - letting go of a conspiracy theory - over-corrective responses to to Enlightenment problems - The Frankfurt School and Critical Theory - Postmodernism and identity politics - redeeming Marx from the horrifying political consequences - making a better world: the top-down and individual-up approaches - the consequences of biological determinism - the benefits of identity politics - the trap of identity politics (essentialism) - how people accidentally make themselves political pawns - subjectivity and its philosophical problems - my unfortunate history prioritizing group identity over my self (knowledge and improvement) Get Your Tickets! Please Support School Sucks Our ...

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[AUDIO EXTRA] Anti-Trump College Student Demands A Therapist (Role Play)

[DISCLAIMER: INSENSITIVE AND OFFENSIVE, SATIRE] Dakota is 19 1/2 years old. He majors in iambic pentameter at Keene State College. Since the election, he is literally terrified all the time. In this therapy session, we try to uncover the roots of his fears and discover his life's purpose. We then move on to some serious talk about Jordan Peterson, safe spaces, identity politics, courtesy, responsibility and freedom of speech. From Puke and the Gang episode 266

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