[PODCAST] #368: Six-travaganza Live Show Highlights – “Memory Lane”


Some selected segments from the six-hour special event originally billed as "Live Sextravaganza ("Sex" for Sixth)." Brett is joined by Jason Osborne, Carlos Morales, Dale Everett, Webmaster Tony, Davi Barker and M.K. Lords to celebrate six years of School Sucks Podcast.

- Show opening with Osborne and Carlos
- Webmaster Tony asks us questions about the history of SSP
- A/V CLUB Preview: Dale discusses independent film making challenges
- A/V CLUB Preview: Brett, Carlos, Davi and M.K. contemplate what Donald Trump would have to do to force his resignation from from the 2016 Presidential race

Bumper Music:
LCD Soundsystem "45:33"
Matt Manhall "Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics"

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