Podcast #304 (Supplemental): A Conversation With An Autodidact…and Dropout

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In a joint podcast effort, Carlos Morales and I are joined by Dana Smith, a listener to both of our shows, who dropped out of high school to travel, to work, and most importantly, to teach himself. The show includes discussion about the tools and methods of self-teaching, the challenges of the school environment, ego depletion, and goal setting.

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moe. - "Billy Goat"

Look Closer:
Understanding the Dangers of "Ego-Depletion" - http://fourhourworkweek.com/2012/08/12/understanding-the-dangers-of-ego-depletion/

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  1. Just searched Carlos Morales’ YouTube channel. Could not find the video where Brett, Dada and Carlos discussed Autodidacts (unless it is under some other apparently unrelated title). No mention at all on “Dada Smith” or “autodidact” when I did a search on his channel.

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