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John Taylor Gatto - The Underground History of American Education
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Latest Productions

December, 2015

  • 25 December

    [CHRISTMAS BONUS] #390: Dropping Out, Home Education, Pop-Culture & Role Models (Brett On Red Ice Radio)

    This is hour two of my recent conversation with Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Radio. Our discussion includes my answers to the following questions: -Your view on dropping out of school. (Plenty of successful people have dropped out of school vs. those who end up in life long debt to get an “education” that in some cases won’t get you anywhere. This would be particularly true in America, I guess). Good idea to drop out, as soon as possible? - The issue of homeschooling (Your suggestions on how to successfully pull this off as a parent if you can’t afford hiring tutors. Do you have any tips? Also do you have any suggestions for those in countries where homeschooling is ...

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  • 23 December

    [BONUS] Podcastmasters’ Liberty Masterclass – James Bond Spectre-cular (Raw Unedited Audio)

    (3 HOURS, 40 MINUTES) With Jason Osborne, Gardner Goldsmith and Andrew Mercer. Audio from the full unedited live video stream for what will become School Sucks Podcast #399. The finished show will be dramatically different. Skip to the 00:09:00 mark please.

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  • 23 December

    [BONUS] Podcastmasters’ Liberty Masterclass – James Bond Spectre-cular (Raw Unedited Video)

    With Jason Osborne, Gardner Goldsmith and Andrew Mercer. The full unedited live video stream for what will become School Sucks Podcast #399. The finished show will be dramatically different. Skip to the 00:35:00 mark please.

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  • 22 December

    [BONUS] Jordan Page Pre-Show

    (AUDIO, 21 MINUTES) Our sound check for episode #389. We discuss meditation, presence, vaccinations, Brett preparing for the Radical Agenda interview, having the first child, and more...

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  • 22 December

    [PODCAST] #389: Jordan Page – Home Education, Self-Governance and the Future

    Jordan Page joins me in the School Sucks studio for a casual conversation, peppered with intense and musical moments. BIO: Jordan is an American recording artist who performs a mixture of rock and folk music that has captivated audiences all over the US. He is known for headlining at major protests and rallies in support of freedom, peace, and limited government. Jordan has headlined at hundreds of political events since 2008 and is known as a leading voice of liberty in America. Jordan shared the stage with Congressman Ron Paul 18 times on the presidential campaign trail including the Revolution March in 08', the Iowa Straw Poll in 11', and the Sun Dome Rally in Tampa at the RNC in ...

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  • 17 December

    [PODCAST] #388: I’d Really Like To Talk To Chris Cantwell (with Chris Cantwell)

    NOTE: The only things being promoted in today's show are open dialogue and a respect for reality. WARNING: Probably our most explicit and potentially offensive podcast to date. Christopher Cantwell has been an extremely controversial figure in the libertarian conversation for a number of years. He recently lost his Free Talk Live co-hosting spot after promoting the concept of "race realism" on the air. While I disagree with Chris on many important and/or current issues (including immigration, Stefan Molyneux's promotion of r/K theory's application to humans, Donald Trump, the alt-right), I have found his program to be a much-needed intellectual challenge. Even though I began listening to Radical Agenda out of a dark curiosity, I have found Chris to be ...

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  • 15 December

    [PODCAST] #387: Larken Rose – Metacognition vs. Indoctrination

    If the way you see things is not consistent with the way things really are, would you want to know about it? Author and activist Larken Rose returns after three years to discuss his new project: a 3D self-teaching tool that invites the user to take a tour of their own brains and their own belief systems. Discussed: -What is the Mirror? -Why is it being created? -How did you prepare in terms of experience and research? -What's your understanding of educational psychology? -Problem being addressed: Acceptance of authoritarianism -The practical approach, the logical approach doesn't work with people -WHAT IS GETTING IN THEIR WAY? -HOW TO DEPROGRAM THEM? Ask them questions; The stakes are lower in this setting; no ...

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  • 9 December

    [SUPPLEMENTAL] #386: The Unfortunate Consequences of Well-Intentioned Social Engineering

    This installment is a re-post of my recent appearance on the Free Your Mind Podcast. I recommend this conversation for those of you who are newer to our work and interested in the history of public schooling. Monologue: "The Dark Side Of Nationwide School Tests" Covered In This Discussion: -What are "Travelers' Reports" -School is a tool of governance -What was the rationalization for establishing social controls through schooling? Immigration, changing economic needs -rugged individualism and "Yankee entrepreurialism" seen as "menace of overproduction" -production needed to be controlled, channeled into serving the needs of the managerial classes -1934 Ellwood P Cubberley - Public Education in the United States During his career, he maintained a view of education as an instrument ...

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  • 2 December

    [PODCAST] #385: Putting College Race Tensions In Context

    Thaddeus Russell is back to discuss the recent events, demands and responses at The University of Missouri, Yale, Dartmouth and Occidental College. Important Themes: (identified by Professor Glenn Loury of Brown University) Principles free speech vs inclusion; a preemption of discussion by the throwing of fits Pedagogy comfort vs enlightenment; absence of scientific discussion, or fear of it Psychology faculty members are placating students Our discussion includes these topics: -Thomas Jefferson and the origins of scientific racism -Scientific racism gives way to racial liberalism -Problems with integration and assimilation - it's white supremacy -Racial liberalism spreads to higher education -"white responsibility" and paternalism -The resulting legitimate problems and concerns of blacks in higher education -Achievement gaps -Silence is violence? All ...

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November, 2015

  • 25 November

    [PODCAST] #384: Professor William Boyes – The Demise of Government School and the Future of Academia

    Professor William Boyes, Austrian Economist and Director of the Center for Economic Liberty at Arizona State University, joins School Sucks for the first time. I was introduced to his work through the following video posted in the School Sucks Facebook group: It's always exciting when a prominent figure at an enormous public university - the largest public university by enrollment in the U.S - openly calls for the end of public schooling. Professor Boyes has called education the #1 issue facing us on the path to greater personal and political liberty. Preliminary question: People on the left don't want to hear from their opponents; the fact that opposition even exists in so-called social justice or economics issues seems to be ...

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