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Recent Podcasts

[PODCAST] #553: How A Teen Took Control of His Own Life (Matt Maruca, Part One)

Many of you are going to learn a lot this week. And your teacher is eighteen years old. This is an amazing story (told in three parts) of what is possible when a young person embraces personal responsibility and self-directed, real-world education. In the midst of my growing frustration about things like #MarchForOurLives and the misleading of young people, I received relief and some hope in the form of an email. It opened: "I am 18 and have been watching your show for over a year. It has helped me tremendously in my process of deciding not to attend college, starting on my own business, and becoming financially independent at age 18. If you happen to have some time ever, ...

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[PODCAST] #552: #ENOUGH – With Thaddeus Russell


This past weekend hundreds of thousands of ill-informed teenagers participated in a nationwide accidental fundraiser for the NRA called #MarchForOurLives. Thaddeus Russell returns to examine the bigger picture. We'll discuss the fetish-ization of children by both the left and the right. Other themes include politics as a performance on a stage, dangers of absolutist thinking, Manichaeism (the age-old religious idea of fighting the battle against the darkness on the side of the light, and the comfort and illusion of moral superiority that idea brings), why this phenomenon does NOT require "crisis actors," and the harnessing of teenage angst towards political ends. Also: The Next Renegade University and School Sucks Project event is happening May 11-13 in the original renegade city ...

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[PODCAST] #551: What It Means To Be Educated – Blake Boles (Part 2)

self directed learning

Part Two of Two Today's show is intended as a resource for listeners looking to share the ideas of alternative education and self directed learning with their friends and family, or with anyone wants to learn more about these subjects. Blake Boles builds exciting alternatives to traditional school for self-directed young people. He runs the company Unschool Adventures and is the author of The Art of Self-Directed Learning, Better Than College, and College Without High School. Blake and I discuss the path to more self directed learning 1. How to define the current school problem 2. Why Schooling is not the same as education 3. John Taylor Gatto's definition of real education 4. The attributes of an educated person 5. ...

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The realization that school sucks actually marks the beginning of a new and exciting educational journey.

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