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RENEGADE UNIVERSITY & SCHOOL SUCKS PROJECT Present "A Weekend With Thaddeus Russell"

School Sucks Across America

[PODCAST] #423: The Creative Pursuit – Directing Creative Energy, With Jonathan Milligan

Podcast: Play in new window | Download#SSPCreate Jonathan Milligan is a former teacher turned online entrepreneur. He joins me to discuss how to best direct creative energies from both big-picture and daily routine perspectives. - money buys time - throughout most of history, many new ideas had nowhere to go - the importance of having an "opportunity filter" - lifestyle, impact, financial Freedom, effort - "The One Thing" - do creative work first - work ...

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[PODCAST] #422: The Creative Pursuit – I Terrify Myself, With Jeffrey Tucker

Podcast: Play in new window | Download#SSPCreate Jeffrey Tucker joins me to discuss writing, public speaking, technology, motivation and the following Jeffrey Tucker quotes: “I promise you that right now you are radically underestimating your capacities. Test yourself. Throw yourself out into some impossible, insane thing, and see if you can fly.” “Creativity is a learned thing. It can be triggered.” “Ideas are weird. They float by like little bubbles and if you don’t grab ...

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[PODCAST] #421: The Creative Pursuit – Applied Rule Transgression, With Davi Barker

Podcast: Play in new window | Download#SSPCreate Back by popular demand, Davi Barker! I originally wanted to include Davi, a graphic designer by trade, in this conversation because he often has to be creative with a deadline. That's something I'm not very good at. Also discussed: -zombies and the failure of democracy -Davi discusses his trilogy, Survivor Max -hyper-stimulation -creativity on command -juxtaposition and "enhanced collage" -going freelance -imperfection behind the scenes -what do you ...

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[PODCAST] #420: The Creative Pursuit – Self-Censorship and Self-Critique, With Julia Tourianski

Podcast: Play in new window | Download#SSPCreate Julia and I discuss the challenges of trying to create useful and insightful commentaries in an increasingly cacophonous and Orwellian online environment. Bumper Music: Amy Winehouse - "You're Wondering Now" Miguel - "What's Normal Anyway" Look Closer: Brave the World Please Support School Sucks Our Amazon Wish List Donate With Bitcoin Or Join the A/V Club Your continued support keeps the show going and growing, which keeps us ...

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[PODCAST] #419: The Creative Pursuit – Inspiration, With Julia Tourianski

Podcast: Play in new window | Download#SSPCreate Julia Tourianski is back to address the following questions: -Have you always wanted to do what you are doing? If not, what made you decide to start? -What is your favorite creation? -What/who inspires you? -How have the life events you have experienced influenced your creative style and ability? -Do you believe that each person has the capacity to be creative? Bumper Music: Amy Winehouse - "You're Wondering ...

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[PODCAST] #418: The Creative Pursuit – Seven Practices To Promote Divergent Thinking

Podcast: Play in new window | Download#SSPCreate As a follow-up to the last show, I discuss some strategies I have been using more regularly in the last few months to encourage different thinking. Covered: - Osborn's Model Reviewed: 1. Orientation: pointing up the problem (STEP 1, PART 1) 2. Preparation: gathering pertinent data (STEP 1, PART 2) 3. Analysis: breaking down the relevant material (STEP 2, PART 1) 4. Ideation: piling up alternatives by way ...

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[PODCAST] #417: The Creative Pursuit – Introduction, Definitions and Useful Models

Podcast: Play in new window | Download#SSPCreate In this introduction to March's theme, I discuss the problems I am aiming to address, a brief history of creativity as a concept, what creativity is, and three helpful models for self-evaluation and conscious improvement. Covered: - Am I out of ideas? - Creativity is relatively new in human history - "The Art of Thought" - A Pioneering Model of the Four Stages of Creativity, from a Fabian ...

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The realization that school sucks actually marks the beginning of a new and exciting educational journey.

Welcome to We strive to provide young people with the building blocks of intellectual, financial and lifestyle independence. This includes in-depth explorations into higher-level thinking, organization and productivity, emotional and physical health, habit and lifestyle optimization, history and philosophy, psychology, self-education practices, entrepreneurship, and communication/negotiation strategies. It's all essential information, but almost none of it is taught in school.

Our content is ideal for frustrated high school and college students (deschooling), home-educating parents (unschooling), and adults who are interested in independently furthering their education and achieving self-actualization (self-teaching). To see every topic at a glance, check out the site map.

Recent Podcasts

[PODCAST] #516: The First Sphere of Freedom, With Jeff Berwick

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadBrett and Jeff share two different approaches to confronting and recovering from depression and addiction. Plus travel tips! Learn more about School Sucks Across America A Weekend With Thaddeus Russell Anarchapulco Anarchast Please Support "School Sucks Across America" Our Amazon Wish List Donate With Bitcoin Or Join the A/V Club Support Us On Patreon Shop With Us At Amazon Your continued support keeps the show going and growing, which ...

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[PODCAST] #515: The Echo Chamber Wall Just Got 20 Feet Higher (With Nathan Fraser and Drew Sample)

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadNathan Fraser and Drew Sample join me to revisit a past topic - how the internet is connecting and dividing us - since new problems and opportunities are presenting themselves on a weekly basis. We focus a large portion of our discussion of the echo chamber effect that exacerbates division in society. How susceptible are we? And what can we do to avoid this problem? But first...both Drew and ...

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[PODCAST] #514: Social Justice. Socially Engineered. (With Jay Dyer)

Podcast: Play in new window | Download(Above the Snowflakes Part 4) Our investigation continues... This series aimed to examine the philosophical roots of the current intensifying social justice movement, and how messages from academia have spilled out into popular culture and consciousness. Today, Jay Dyer joins me to argue that the phenomenon actually has darker origins. Jay is the author of Esoteric Hollywood: Sex, Cults and Symbols in Film and host of Jay's Analysis Podcast. ...

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[PODCAST] #513: Building Self Directed Learning Communities (With Diane Murphy)

Podcast: Play in new window | Download(FreeCoast Fest - Day 2 - Dover, NH) Diane Murphy taught in public schools for 30 years before she retired early to build BigFish, an innovative self-directed learning community in Dover, NH. I had the pleasure of speaking with Diane at the FreeCoast Festival and of hearing her presentation on BigFish. We sat down to discuss her past experience, current efforts and passion for self-directed learning and integrating teens ...

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