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Latest Productions

November, 2016

  • 29 November

    [PODCAST] #462: SPEED AND POLITICS (Part Two) – The Flaw of Identity

    Episode 462 is split into two parts. Today's discussion uses the book Thinking, Fast and Slow to identify some heuristics and mental shortcuts common in Alt-Right thinking. They include: 1. Confirmation Bias 2. Cognitive Ease 3. What You See Is All There Is 4. Halo Effect 5. Coherent Stories Then some more unstructured commentary (ranting) on immigration, intelligence testing, multiculturalism and identity politics. What This Series Is About: Political thinking is often quick thinking. Thinking quickly is is an evolution-driven feature that was once necessary for our survival. But in a vastly more complex world than the one our species grew up in, this mode of thought is often dangerous and destructive. Look around. Sometimes some people, even libertarians, use ...

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  • 20 November

    [PODCAST] #461: SPEED AND POLITICS (Part One) – Rules For Radicals

    What is wrong with John Oliver? What's wrong with Donald Trump? What's wrong the anti-Trump anti-reality protestors? What was wrong with me the other day when I suddenly felt impelled to hatch a conspiracy theory about Trump's election being part of a "larger plan" with no evidence? What's wrong with an alarming number of the interactions in School Sucks Facebook group lately? Political thinking is often quick thinking. Thinking quickly is an evolution-driven feature that was once necessary for our survival. But in a vastly more complex world than the one our species grew up in, this mode of thought is often dangerous and destructive. Look around. Sometimes some people, even libertarians, use mental shortcuts to arrive at faulty conclusions, ...

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  • 15 November

    [PODCAST] #460: Time To Grow Up, Abandon “Anti-Attitudes” and Embrace the Infinite Game

    My guests today are Skinner Layne and Moritz Bierling. Skinner is the founder of Exosphere Academy and Moritz is the Director of Research. These two help to exemplify what I hope more and more of what SSP will be about in the coming years - discussions about how to actually build institutions and movements in education that become un-ignorable, desirable and perhaps even increasingly irresistible alternatives to the failing systems. Exosphere Academy - "a learning and problem solving community features 2-day traveling workshops and an 8-week residential program to learn new skills, build exciting projects with other dynamic people, and jumpstart your new life & career." DISCUSSION: -lifestyles and attitudes that support the development of those institutions and movements -the ...

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  • 12 November

    [SUPPLEMENTAL] #459: SCAMWATCH! With Tom Woods

    This is a re-post of my recent appearance on the Tom Woods Show. It's always great to have an opportunity to chat with Tom! Our original plan was to discuss SJWs in higher education but we decided to put that off, so instead it's a potpourri of current "scams." From - Ep. 777 Three Scams: Higher Education, “More Technology in the Classroom,” and Leftist Comedians Brett Veinotte and I discuss the higher ed scam, the “we need more technology in the classroom” scam, and the leftist comedian scam. Brett Veinotte is the host and editor of the School Sucks Project and podcast. He has worked in private education in various capacities for a dozen years. Recorded 11/3/16 Please Support ...

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  • 9 November

    [PODCAST] #458: The Enemy of My Enemy Is…My New Enemy – Election Livestream (With Kevin Geary and Gardner Goldsmith)

    "Election livestream?! Conformist." Maybe more like a multi-topic hangout loosely inspired by the fact that an election was taking place in the background. Our goal was to provide some sanity on election night, but unfortunately we would ultimately be overtaken by the complete, unavoidable insanity of the night and morning. Thanks again to Kevin Geary and Gardner Goldsmith for their endurance. DISCUSSION: -Exit polls: strong leaders are the top voter priority? -Voting as moral sanction -Wikileaks: signal to noise ratio was too low -If Donald Trump was a Democrat...oh wait -Kevin predicted Trump - misleading polls vs. actual engagement -George Soros -Much, much, much more... Look Closer: Kevin Geary - Gardner Goldsmith/Libery Conspiracy - Please Support School Sucks ...

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October, 2016

  • 31 October

    [BONUS] PHILOS-A-THON – Part Three – The Eye Behind the Mask

    Mattheus von Guttenberg joins me for a casual exploration of the history of philosophy, and of his own development as a thinker. Discussed In Part Three: -Free will continued -Taoism and Hinduism -The work and influence of Alan Watts -Monism vs. Dualism -What's behind Buddhism? -My most valuable take-aways from Eastern Philosophy -The masks we wear? -Can we move from Eastern Metaphysics to Eastern Epistemology? Is there such a thing? CLICK HERE if the player does not appear.

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  • 25 October

    [PODCAST] #457: Define Self-Esteem (With Wes Bertrand and Dr. Michael Edelstein)

    Reviving the Branden/Edelstein Self-Esteem Debate: Wes and I are joined by Dr. Michael R. Edelstein, an outspoken long-time critic of the concept of self-esteem and self-esteem movements in psychology. One of our goals for this conversation is to persuade Dr. Edelstein to revise or perhaps even remove criticisms of Nathaniel Branden's work from his otherwise valid critique of the self-esteem movement. Important Background Links: 1) The Trouble With Self-Esteem, by Michael R. Edelstein - 2) What Self-Esteem Is and Is Not, by Nathaniel Branden - An interesting exchange from a Q&A at the Capitalism and Morality Conference - 3) The Edelstein/Branden Email Exchange 2000-2001 - 4) Q&A From Michael Edelstein's Talk, "Why Ayn Rand's Self Esteem ...

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  • 25 October

    [BONUS] Episode #457 Aftershow, With Wes Bertrand

    (AUDIO, 28 MINUTES) Wes and I discuss our successes, challenges, and missteps in our debate with Michael Edelstein. We also add some important details that were skipped over in the show. This immediately follows the conversation in [PODCAST] #457: 457: Define Self-Esteem (With Wes Bertrand and Dr. Michael Edelstein). CLICK HERE to listen.

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  • 20 October

    [BONUS] Multi-Purpose Trump! (With Richard Grove, Kevin Cole and John Massaria)

    (AUDIO)The Deep End Episode 16, Recorded October 19th, 2016 -How will the world be saved from these horrors? -Some history of the current Russia conflict -The cursed mainstream media -the contents and significance of the latest Clinton email leaks -Trump's continued usefulness to Clinton -Trump's continued usefulness to Cultural Marxism -Trump's continued usefulness to the Globalist agenda CLICK HERE if player does not appear. Additional Parts: Rich and John discuss getting robbed in Washington DC...but literally Rich< Kevin and John discuss the contents of the latest email leaks

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  • 18 October

    [PODCAST] #456: Can Technology Save Our Precious Schools? (Brett On Sovryn Tech)

    Brian Sovryn and I discuss the popular canard - perpetuated by media, TED talkers and the "public schools just need more money" crowd - that new technology can revolutionize education inside public schools. So far, studies don't back this idea. And neither do we. Jump to the 35:00 mark to hear the topic in the title discussed. DISCUSSION: - Public Schools are currently trying to co-opt the thing that will ultimately destroy them - Those trying to save the system like to tell two stories, while discarding all the important lessons from them 1. Sugata Mitra and the "Hole-In-the-Wall Experiment" 2. One laptop Per Child successes in Ethiopia - Addressing a series of myths about the impact of new technology ...

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