I recently joined a wellness committee at my work,
they have been talking about shifting their focus to mental wellness
and becoming more active. I talked briefly about some of the ideas I had on the subject and now
I have been asked to present my ideas about mental well being at the end of next month.
I would like to find a way to present some Ideas about Logic, Philosophy Economics,
Non Violent Communication, The trivium, Getting Things Done, The Goal, the work of Nathaniel Branden,
and a few other ideas. After I make the presentation to the committee we will decide what we want to focus on,What route we would like to take, and how much funding I will receive for this project.
Finding a clear understandable way to present this is extremely important.
I believe this could be a great learning experience for myself and my fellow employees.
I have never had to present anything like this, I am sure I am missing a few things, I am still very new to a lot of this, and I have not really put much time into understanding the full circle of these ideas.

I am posting this in the hopes that the School Sucks Project community might have some thoughts, and ideas to share.

Some information about my work, we are 100% employee owned, we have no bosses here,
and no one is really forced to do anything they do not want to do.
Everyone here is highly motivated to do what is in the company’s best interest.
There have been many talks about how we can better increase productivity and communication.

If this goes well I am hoping to have an ongoing group here focused on the idea that improving ourselves
will improve the company as a whole.

Thank you, and I look forward to your input.