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How do you stay happy? (9 posts)

  • Profile picture of Drea Drea said 5 years ago:

    How in the world do you stay happy when there is so much suffering in the world? I have a hard time staying afloat when I think of all the freedoms we are losing everyday. How is the world going to be when my children are adults? If I look at the plans in motion by the powers that be, I don’t know how great of a place it will be, and that terrifies me. There are just so many things wrong, that I feel overwhelmed and powerless. I know that there are things I can do, and I find moments of bliss, but it really is tough to feel good when you look around and see people staring at their cell phones and no one wants to look up.
    I would like to know what you all think about the state of the world and how you go about keeping your sanity.

  • Profile picture of Evan Wilder Evan Wilder said 4 years, 12 months ago:

    The best way of staying happy is to stop worrying and living on your terms.
    This doesn’t mean to partake in normalcy bias; that’s insane!

    It’s a gift (and sometimes, a curse) that you are bestowed knowledge that the rest of the world doesn’t know.
    This means you use that knowledge to benefit yourself and others.

    As for me, I have learned about the world fiat currency collapse that will happen soon. I started looking for real assets that I can hold onto – then, I came across silver.
    Also, I am looking into moving away of the United States into another country.

    The best three actions you should take right now is:
    a.) Study as much information until you are no longer scared anymore. (The truth is that you are actually scared about the unknown). (I recommend the Sons of Liberty Academy)
    b.) Use that knowledge to benefit you and others. (For me, I am starting businesses that will be trending very positively later on.)
    c.) Keep reminding yourself that this, too, shall pass.

    Go out, research, and use that information and your talents to benefit the world.
    Your life will always be dictated by almost everyone in your life, including the occasional stranger who’s scared and unhappy like you. Embrace it and serve.

  • Profile picture of Evan Wilder Evan Wilder said 4 years, 12 months ago:

    Also, if you are listening to Alex Jones or any fear mongers, stop.
    You become what you are listening to.

  • Profile picture of gXij3htJ gXij3htJ said 4 years, 11 months ago:

    What if the anxiety isn’t caused by the unknown, but by the known? Sure, one can avoid listening to the sensationalists and fear mongers, but how can one deal with real knowledge about real events?

    I had to take off my feed, because it was too stressful to constantly read the accounts of abuse. But if we all turned a blind eye to maintain our comfort, how would we ever affect change?

    It’s painful to have to admit that people are suffering and there’s not a thing you can do to save them. What’s worse, even just trying to live your life by your principles puts you at risk of becoming one of those victims.

    In a way, it’s like economics. Bad investments must be allowed to fail. Perhaps the day it ceases being unpleasant is the day you’re no longer human.

  • Profile picture of Drea Drea said 4 years, 11 months ago:

    It is definitely caused by the known, for sure. When you know of so many wrongs in the world, so much suffering, you know about poisoned food, poisoned water, poisoned air….the wars, the starvation….i could go on and on. When you know about all this, it seems so overwhelming, it crushes your spirit. How can you be happy, knowing all this? And knowing that you cant just go tell ppl about it because they will think you are a lunatic. Essentially, you just have to live with it. Its depressing. Maintaining the status quo is soooo depressing.
    I avoid alex jones and the fear mongers because i find that it totally immobilizes me, and I can’t function.
    One way that I find happiness is by figuring out what i CAN do, in my own life. I teach my own children, I learn, I grow food, I have chickens, I try to laugh and play as much as I can. Somedays, all the crap just gets to me, and I don’t know what to do.
    The thing that bothers me the most is knowing how happy and joyful and free we could all be, how magnificent life could be, if we weren’t all slaves.

  • Profile picture of gXij3htJ gXij3htJ said 4 years, 11 months ago:

    If you have the means, you might wish to move to a place where liberty-minded people are in the majority, and just try to forget about the rest of the world. There probably aren’t any truly free areas left in the world, and most options that come close are prohibitively expensive for the average person, but it’s worth investigating.

    As for the psychological aspect of it, I don’t really have any good advice. Just that immersing yourself in a freedom-oriented community might go a long way toward relieving the stress. Counselling might be helpful, too, as long as you can find a therapist who won’t try to steer you back into statism.

    I know there was talk in the Freedomain Radio chat room some years back, about starting a colony some place. One of the ideas was to get together and buy an island in Canada; another was to settle down in some unwanted part Africa and trade with the locals. Such ideas may sound far-out to those of us used to the perks of modern Western living, but I think they could be made comfortable in the long run.

  • Profile picture of Lynn Lynn said 4 years, 4 months ago:

    Focus on the present. The past can’t be changed and the future cannot be predicted. Worrying about the future does not do anything positive. Stay out of fear and focus on love. Usually, I find that the world right before me is beautiful. Check out Paul Selig’s books or “A Course in Miracles.”

  • Profile picture of James Byrd James Byrd said 3 years, 10 months ago:

    I planned on writing a giganto post after seeing this thread. Well, sometimes the simpler the better. A major turning point in my life was getting over my “astronaut complex”. That’s what I call the unreasonable expectations placed upon “us” by “society”. Follow this path; go to school, go to school again, struggle, work, get promoted, become an astronaut, buy a massive house you don’t need. Be successful in the eyes of others. Trying to live up to the expectations of others will never make you happy, even if you reach those expectations.
    One step at a time. This can be number one.

  • Profile picture of Harold Harold said 3 years, 6 months ago:

    I prefer to think of our loss of liberties as a symptom of a state that is losing its control over citizens. Maybe we are actually winning.

    Two things that have helped me, personally are:

    1. Meeting real people. After becoming saturated with like-minded virtual friends all over the Internet, I began searching for local defenders of liberty. It wasn’t too hard. Through Meetup and word of mouth I was able to quickly find a couple dozen new friends within 10 miles of home. We met in person weekly at a local pub for dinner and drinks. Many are homesteaders, some are home educators, the group ranges widely in age, philosophy, and profession. It’s a really good group of people to know, and I feel fortunate to have found them.

    2. Exercise daily. I try to set aside one hour each day for physical activity, usually first thing in the morning. For me, exercise gives me more energy, better self-image, more agility, greater strength. It means I’m inclined to eat better and drink less (beer). I am more focused and feel better equipped to face the challenges of the day, whether at work, with my kids, or facing geopolitical events.