I was already not a fan of the public school system, then I found the School Sucks Project. I always felt like the school system failed me but I could never quite put my finger on it until recently. I was stifled and not appropriately challenged. I was seen as rebellious because I ‘challenged authority’ (read: asked too many questions) and didn’t complete my homework, yet would consistently score 95-100 on almost every test.

I now have a wonderful 2 year old girl who is bright, creative, and curious. Although my wife is on board with home education she is very intimidated and unsure about her ability to take on the extra task effectively. Let me add that I am a truck driver and am away from home during the week, which excludes me from most direct interactions in this area except where technology can be of help. My wife is self employed and has just recently taken on her first client since quitting work after our daughter was born. She has the benefit of only taking on the work she is willing to fit into her current time constraints.

We both like the idea of sending our daughter to a Montessori school for a couple of years, then transitioning into a home education curriculum. We have a wonderful school nearby and my wife will easily be able to make up the tuition with her work. I have not heard much mention of Montessori schools on the podcast and no mention of it on the forums that I have found. I’d like to hear thoughts and opinions about Montessori school as an alternative and any pros and cons therein. I am particularly interested to know what Brett thinks about Montessori.