Brett Interviewed On NH Capitol Access TV

About this episode Denis and Lydia interview Brett Veinotte, host of the School Sucks Podcast and creator of -- a project concerning, in his words, "the END of public education"Scott is a professional educator who has come to realize that the basic design of public school "sucks" the creative capacity out of children, and also "sucks" wealth away from more productive uses. Related PostsSchool Sucks Radio 5-24-1288This became podcast #145: School Sucks Radio #3 ...

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Freedomain Radio Interview: Brett Veinotte

Related PostsSchool Sucks Radio 6-21-1281This became podcasts #149d (Porcfest Micro-Series): Stefan Molyneux Guest-Hosts School Sucks Radio and 149e (Porcfest Micro-Series): Live Interviews - Pam the Public School Teacher, Jake Desyllas, Cody HallTags: school, sucks, radio, stefan, molyneux149d (Porcfest Micro-Series): Stefan Molyneux Guest-Hosts School Sucks Radio75Stefan Molyneux joins Osborne, me, and a large studio audience for the first hour of the 6-19-12 School Sucks Radio Show. I apologize for the less-than-optimal audio quality. Topics: -Weather-related nudity ...

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