Brett’s Weekly Work Log

This is what a slightly atypical (light) work week looks like at School Sucks Project. I have been tracking my work for the last two months using the Pomodoro method, which I highly recommend.

Monday 8/24/15

9:57-10:30am - process emails

10:35-11:00am - update subscriptions

11:07-11:33am - edit first 20 min of pod #370

12:26-12:51pm - continue edit #370

12:56-1:31pm - finish first hour of #370

5:20-5:46pm - edit #370, session 2

5:51-6:16pm - continue edit #370, session 2

6:21-18:46pm - continue edit #370, session 2

11:54-12:19am - continue edit #370, session 2, to 2:02:00 mark

Tuesday 8/25/15

9:30-9:56am - continue edit #370, session 2

10:03-10:28am - continue edit #370, session 2, to 2:21:40 mark

10:47-11:13am - continue edit #370, session 2, to 2:34:00 mark

12:00-12:26pm - continue edit #370, session 2, to 2:49:00 mark

12:34-1:00pm - continue edit #370, session 2, to 3:04:00 mark

1:05-1:31pm - continue edit #370, session 2, to 3:17:00 mark

1:36-2:05pm - continue edit #370, to end

4:38-5:03pm - #370, write show notes

9:59-10:24pm - continue edit #370, session 2, to 2:02:00 mark

Wednesday 8/26/15

10:19-10:45am - monologue #370

10:50-11:16am - finishing touches #370

11:21-12:09pm - finalize, check, render #370, while setting up to-do list, empty inbox

12:14-12:40pm - organization, email

3:09-3:34pm - prep podcastmasters highlight vid

Thursday 8/27/15

12:57-1:23pm - post and promote #370, organize research for Thaddeus

1:28-1:54pm - review "The Shame Debate" show

1:59-2:24pm - review "The Shame Debate" show


Friday 8/28/15

9:57-10:23am - assemble Thad video parts

10:28-10:54am - Thad video searching

11:04-11:39am - Thad video graphics

11:44-12:09pm - Edit Thad Vid

1:05-1:31pm - Polish Thad Vid

3:31-3:57pm - research auto responder software

4:00-5:00pm - MEETING RYAN B.

5:00-6:00pm - MEETING TONY

6:49-7:15pm - edit Thad to 11:00

7:58-10:24pm - edit Thad to 24:03

Saturday 8/29/15

11:39-12:04pm - edit Thad to 32:00

12:12-12:37pm - edit Thad to 44:00

1:12-1:37pm - edit Thad to 55:55

1:42-2:09pm - edit Thad to 1:10:00

2:37-3:07pm - finish editing Thad, upload patg bonus audio, upload Thad Aftershow

3:37-3:52pm - prep for conspirathon 2

4:00-6:00pm - prep for conspirathon 2

8:00-11:00pm - RECORD CONSPIRATHON 2

Sunday 8/29/15

NO POMODOROS: Editing Thad video, and finalizing #371


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