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Podcast #251 (Supplemental): Conspiracy Theorists Vs. Skeptics – Brett On ALP Live

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OPTIONAL show! This is my recent appearance on the ALP Live Show. Hosts Ali and Ellen invited me to discuss the topics of conspiracy theories, skepticism, and historical research.

The Agenda:

-I point out Penn and Teller’s bullshit on their show, Bullshit
-the utility of conspiracy theories
-Libertarian dismissal of conspiracy
-Let’s change the language: forensics (both groups)

now we may be avoid to avoid confirmation bias
-Forensic science (often known as forensics) is the scientific method of gathering and examining information.
-confirmation bias – you don’t decide what makes the most convenient story and then go to look for evidence to back it up, like the 9/11 Commission did!
-JFK, the revolutionary
-Building 7 demolition theory problems
-Where are we asked to focus?

we’re trained to defer to experts, demolition, physics, ballistics
-Why do you care and who are you talking to?
Paradigmatic thinkers, Wishful thinkers or true believers
-Validity? Of conspiracy or refutation
What’s the approach?
Does the story have inconsistencies or contradictions?
BUT where do they come from? eyewitness testimony?
But how complex and traumatic is the event?
Were protocols broken or ignored?
Who investigates?
Does the perpetrator have a clear motive?
Does the perpetrator have a better motive than the investigators?
What follows?

About ALP: Join Ali & Ellen in a journey in self-education and personal intellectual empowerment. Live on LRN.FM from 11:00PM – 1:00AM Eastern. Please like their show on Facebook.

Bumper Music:
Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree – Brenda Lee

Look Closer:

Inductive Fallacies –


10. United States House Select Committee to Investigate Tax-Exempt Foundations and Comparable Organizations (Reece Committee) (Cox Committee) – 10.

27. The Anglo American Establishment: From Rhodes to Cliveden – 27.

  1. December 20, 2013


    Great show.

    Honestly I never liked Penn, and I’m not sure what his appeal to people even is. But how can a thinking person listen to that rude, offensive, loud mouth and find anything he says objective at all.

    He had me fuming!

  2. Avatar of Kirkland Kaye
    December 22, 2013

    Kirkland Kaye

    Freaking brilliant! There really need to be more shows like this, Brett.
    This kind of stuff would make for a great, ongoing series. Maybe call it something like Intellectual Self-Defence in Action.
    In a sense, this could really be a sub-series of Logic Saves Lives. You have already done two other shows like this (Reality Time for Bill Maher and Lawrence O’Donnell/Glen Greenwald) entirely devoted to breaking down and highlighting the fallacies in a show or news clip. I think these deconstructions are really valuable to help listeners learn what it is to practice intellectual self-defence – really emphasising how much work it actually requires.
    Please at least do an episode breaking down Jon Stewart’s appearance on Crossfire years ago. While I really disliked Crossfire as it pandered to the lazy, left-right political discourse, I was amazed that no-one points out how Stewart was never raked over the coals for some really empty criticism.

  3. January 3, 2014


    Speaking of media manipulation: What was the chain of custody of the videos that were presented as live footage on September 11? How can it be verified that they were live? If the videos aired as live are in dramatic conflict with on another, can they be said to be representative of actual events? Is it possible for a plane to enter a building in its entirety with no visible disturbance to itself or the building, as was captured by numerous amateur videos?

    Much of the 9/11 research has been done using images presented by the networks as prima facie evidence. Check the premise.

  4. Avatar of Erik
    January 16, 2014


    Great show Brett!

    I had no idea P & T were such mainstream gimps…I now have less than no respect for them as now confirmed “Logical Felons”.

    The way you use living examples to point out the fallacies is incredibly effective and I agree with Kirkland Kaye that more of these examples would be a great idea.

    The only point I would have added to the conversation is the possibility of the P & T’s of the media world intentionally playing both sides of the fence. In other words, some of the really stupid examples that these cheeseball debunkers always seem to find, could be fabricated as big, easy and convenient targets for their weak logic scams. How many times have you seen a 9/11 and or JFK debunker showing up to a completely honest format (i.e. Lew Rockwell, School Sucks, Freedomain Radio, Tragedy and Hope, etc.) willing to calmly, maturely and logically defend “The Official Reports” while systematically reducing all of the hard evidence behind the “conspiracy theories” to mere fantasy?

    Thanks again for your exceptional work Brett, it definitely makes a difference!

  5. February 15, 2014


    What a stupid thing to say ” all conspiracy theory’s are bullshit” you mean like the gulf of Tonkin ? I find generalisation bullshit, so I switch off after that

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