Podcast #250b: Live Sestercentepisodic Gala, Part 2 – More On Sustainable Living and Permaculture


A fake celebration of a show that is not even our 250th. Recorded live.

Part 2:
Voices include long-time supporters and friends, Osborne and Brian. This installment includes a fascinating (in my opinion) discussion about agricultural history, practices and sustainability.

-the 3 Ds of agriculture (drudgery, diesel, design)
-what are we eating?
-GMOs, food labeling, "Pure" honey
-Paul Wheaton, permies.com
-what can food growers learn from Mother Nature/forest ecology
-the magic of mushrooms?
-chicken shit-fed tilapia
-Doomsday Preppers and violent hordes preparing to replace the state
-every garden needs a chicken
-how schooling distorts the "free" market

Bumper Music:
"Look Around" Formidable Vegetable Sound System

Look Closer:
Sovereign Living Blog - http://sovereignliving.com/

Design Principles of Permaculture - http://www.fincatresanillos.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/designprinciples.jpg

Paul Wheaton, permies.com - http://www.permies.com/

What's urban permaculture? - http://home.howstuffworks.com/lawn-garden/professional-landscaping/alternative-methods/what-is-urban-permaculture.htm

Permaculture Design Principles Expansion - http://permacultureprinciples.com/principles/

Mycelium as a lymph system? (12:00)
Paul Stamets: 6 ways mushrooms can save the world - http://www.ted.com/talks/paul_stamets_on_6_ways_mushrooms_can_save_the_world.html

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  1. Profile photo of Andrew

    Enjoyed this and your show with John Bush. For no necessary reason, they come as a bit of a surprise. Great to hear your interest in permaculture, etc. I’ve been studying permaculture since before I became introduced to the ideas of liberty/volunatryism, etc. and have a deep fascination with mushrooms/mycelium, as well. Many more thoughts on this but am a little distracted at the moment – just wanted to briefly share my thoughts and look forward more shows binging these ideas together.

    Regarding your interest in the activities of mycelium, here is a good starter talk, from one of the ambassador’s of fungi: http://www.ted.com/talks/paul_stamets_on_6_ways_mushrooms_can_save_the_world.html

  2. I’ve recently resumed listening to your podcast, having dabbled in it a year or more ago, and I’m thrilled that you have discovered permaculture and included it in at least one podcast. I’m favorably impressed. I’m a long-time student of permaculture. Paul Stamets’ book “Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Change the World” had a huge impact on my world view when I discovered it 8 or so years ago.

    I was into libertarianism and went through my Ayn Rand phase in my late 20s and early 30s. I became disillusioned with it after awhile because I was primarily familiar with the Republican-leaning, pro-corporate brand of libertarianism of the 80s and later, and the disconnect the movement seemed to have from the natural world and the environment. I made a last-ditch effort to re-embrace libertarianism by attending a Cato Institute seminar in Montreal on “how to talk to environmentalists.” The movement’s response, by and large, to the growing evidence of human-exacerbated climate change and catastrophic environmental degradation (do away with regulations and companies will naturally clean up their acts!) sealed the deal for me.

    Fast-forward a few years, and, full of disappointment with Obama, I have been pleased to find a brand of libertarianism that makes more sense to me and people that seem to share my values and concerns. I appreciate your discussions of the trivium, history, and education so much. I don’t agree with everything I hear, but the discussion is always valuable and helps me to re-evaluate my own assumptions and points up my need to review the grammar on many topics. Thanks for what you’re doing.

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