229: Philosophical Impact – Plato, The Matrix and Atlas Shrugged (With Geoff From Skeptical Youth)

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Geoff from Skeptical Youth joins me in the new studio for an impromptu live show. Recorded on Tuesday, July 9th. School Sucks is usually live on UStream Thursdays at 6:30pm EST.

The night before, Geoff and I watched The Matrix and a documentary called Ayn Rand & the Prophecy of Atlas Shrugged.
We discuss the reach and philosophical impact of both The Matrix and Atlas Shrugged. We also discuss positive and negative influence of Plato (Allegory of the Cave and The Republic).

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"Virtual World" The Verve

Look Closer:
Blog: Skeptical Youth - http://skepticalyouth.tumblr.com/

An Interpretation of the Philosophy of The Matrix Trilogy - http://thematrix101.com/contrib/myoung_aitptm.php

Ayn Rand & the Prophecy of Atlas Shrugged Official Documentary - http://atlasshruggeddocumentary.com/

The Allegory of the Cave - http://faculty.washington.edu/smcohen/320/cave.htm

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  1. Love the new young voice!
    I am an unschooling mom, and it is wonderful to hear a 15 year old who is actually thinking.
    I am going to watch this Ayn Rand documentary with my 9 and 7 year olds. 🙂

  2. Hi there just have a quick minute to share some info:

    Leontief Matrix – Real
    FAR Matrix – Real

    Matrix>Atlas Shrugged

    *Sousveillance as primary focus towards freedom in a Surveillance State. (see Steve Mann) http://veillance.me/about/

    With all this, the general public is being GIVEN quite the opportunity of choice(its easy to say just Coke or Pepsi). International law has and does and will continue to recognize the right of self determination. *Isreal/Palestine relations may hold the most gravitas for debating this issue><

    Lets continue to bridge the gap please, there is more work to do than talking –
    Bret, I might be wrong but I think you were seeing more than others in the latest Tragedy and Hope/Cecil Rhodes discussion towards the end there..I hope you deem this pertinant.

    Thanks for all your work,

    Nathan Dedmore
    Practicap Radio

  3. I just want to say that another work of fiction, Lord of the Rings, has also had a much broader effect upon society than Atlas Shrugged. It was written with the philosophy of anarchy in mind and everything in it points to common themes found in many philosophies, especially libertarian philosophy. The ability of even the smallest person to succeed through pure perseverance of will, the inevitable corruption of even the greatest of truly good-hearted and well-meaning men by power, and power’s inability to ever truly destroy power, instead only ever becoming the new corrupt power in its place.

  4. The issue which is continuously missed is that of contracts.
    Someone said the other day that one should never sign a contract because it takes your rights away – I dont agree with this.
    If a people are subjected to tyranny it is tacitly their choice of subjection. If one man or group of people attains land on this earth and notifies the family of nations that they have done so, well this is how one can truly own their house.
    At the time of the USC the founding fathers utilized this international law under the title – the right of exile – (which is now titled – the right of self determination) these 39 men composed the constitution for Eachother.
    As a citizen you are nothing more than a tenant in their house. It is an assumption to believe that You as a citizen/federal/state are the owner of anything – the onus of proof falls on YOU if believe contrary. There is no slow deterioration of your Cons. rights because you never had them. Just as a child in his parents house has priveleges/chores so do you as a US citizen.
    If you are born a slave be a good one, if you choose to seek freedom then do so.. you have a tough road ahead of you but the fact that you have help along the way by the international community in their recognition of a peoples right to be so determined to do so is somehow missed time and time again..why?
    It is missed because the general public still in mass numbers seek the womb in all aspects of societies. Stockholms syndrome abound.

    This is what blinds man from becoming a man.
    This is what blinds the slave from knowing he has given up his rights in exchange for security/womb.
    This is why he bites the hand that feeds(protesting) and can only see how exterior entities have given him poison for food – blame game.
    This is why he gets no respect from his masters.
    Lets look for examples pros and cons of this being demonstraed throughout history and we might start to finally expose THE VIRAL SOLUTION.
    The problem is that it doesnt sell.
    The problem is its not attractive when the womb is all we know and seek.
    The problem is, to Be or not to Be most choose not!
    It may take one to need to be strapped down in a clockwork orange style setting to get through the Matrix trilogy but at the end you will find Neo coming to a peaceful settlement of disput with the matrix – that is why the revolution is resolved instead of won – because both sides are of the same source and cannot do without eachother.
    The dynamics of Adam and Eve – how is that for collectivism?
    Ever wonder why the Sundance needs to hurt so much?



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