199: Parent Question – How Is My Educational Philosophy Impacting My Son?

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Topic: Darrell calls in to discuss his concern that his understandably negative attitude towards public school might not be the best motivator for his teenage son.

-The importance of balance in life
-Tutoring frustrations and resignation
-The opportunities created by school performance and military service?
-How the schools feed the military
-Deferring happiness and self-actualization for the promise of a later payoff

Look Closer:
Schools Are For War

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  1. I’m really interested in hearing more about this topic because I’m having a similar issue with my 14 year old son. Just like the caller, I offered to home-school my son and he refused, since he highly values his social connections, but he is slacking off in his work (even classwork). I’ve often wondered the same thing–if my attitude towards schooling has given him justification to do so. My response to him doing this has been along the lines of, if he has made a decision to stay in gov’t school, he then needs to commit to what that entails and do the work–while giving thought to what that work is rather than mindless compliance.

    What I would like to hear more about would be along the lines of how to navigate that cognitive dissonance in what we know to be true while our kids are attending gov’t school.

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