125: How To Spot A NARC

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Picture: There's nothing sexy about hurting peaceful people who commit victimless "crimes."

School Sucks Podcast does not support or encourage teenage drug use. However, SSP also does not support or encourage predatory police practices targeting and entrapping high school students.

After listening to a piece called "21 Chump Street" on NPR's This American Life, I was compelled to devote some time to the threat of NARCS and informants infiltrating public schools, with the consent of administrators, of course.

Jason Osborne and Dale Everett join me once again, and as Free Staters, we are not strangers to this concern. Jason also produced a video called Never Get Raided, which explains how to identify undercover agents.

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"The French Connection Theme" by Don Ellis

Look Closer:
How an Attractive, Undercover Cop Posed as a Student -- Then Entrapped a Smitten Teen to "Sell" Her Marijuana

Dale's Website - Flaming Freedom

This American Life Episode 457

ROP Police Training Program (Example)

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