104: Discovering Doublespeak! (Part Three) – Legalese v. Curiosity and Critical Thought

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Marc Stevens, author of Adventures In Legal Land and host of the No State Project, joins me to illuminate the dark and bizarre world of the so-called justice system.

With this focus on law and the courts, we discuss the second form of doublespeak: jargon. Marc also explains his Socratic approach to defending against the doublespeak of lawyers, judges and tax collectors.

"Doublespeak is not lying, nor is it merely sloppy language. It is the intentional use of euphemisms, synonyms, jargon, and vagueness which pretends to communicate but really does not, or implies the opposite of what it would appear to communicate." -Metta Winte

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"One Million Lawyers" Tom Paxton

Look Closer:

The Doublespeak Dictionary by Leslie Starr O’Hara

Doublespeak: From Revenue Enhancement to Terminal Living : How Government, Business, Advertisers, and Others Use Language to Deceive You, by William Lutz


Adventures In Legal Land

No State Project

William Lutz Biography

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